About Me

A Little About Myself

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Hi. I'm Jim Silverman, digital product designer from New Jersey. With over a decade of experience, I take pride in creating efficient and enjoyable interfaces that help people do their work more effectively.

What I Do

"Product Design" is a broad term with varying definitions depending on who you ask, but my skills lean mostly on the pure user experience and interface design side of things. That includes everything from user testing, A/B testing, and data analysis to service design, prototyping, and visual design.

I'm also pretty good at front-end development—HTML, CSS and some light JavaScript. This is by no means my strong suit, but I find that it helps me communicate ideas better and collaborate with developers to push interfaces to the next level. In a pinch I can absolutely code basic stuff, but shouldn't be writing production code.

How I Do It

I practice the Lean UX methodology, meaning I like to get feedback and conduct research as early an often as possible while iterating forward, never getting too bogged down with polishing deliverables along the way. I’m most comfortable in an agile environment with open and honest communication that helps facilitate quick decision-making.

I believe that the job of a designer isn't just creating artefacts and deliverables, but bringing others along for the ride. This includes helping the team communicate ideas and goals, consistently advocating for users throughout the organization, and ensuring that quality is held tightly.

Who I've Worked With

Over the years I’ve enjoyed a wide array of experience, ranging from large global brands and SaaS products to small startups and local businesses, I've even volunteered to do some design work for local politicians and non-profit organizations. I enjoy the variety—it's helped shaped my experience in different ways and kept my skills well-rounded.

Check out my complete work experience on LinkedIn or grab a copy of my resume.