About Me

A little about myself.

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I'm Jim Silverman, digital product designer from New Jersey. With over a decade of experience, I take pride in transforming complex and nuanced processes into intuitive and enjoyable experiences that help people get their work done easily.

I wear a lot of hats, but this is what I do best.

My job as a designer is to empower both users and the business. I help make sense of the noise so the business can make better decisions faster. And by building a clear understanding of product needs, I enable the creation of features that make users more efficient and effective in their tasks.


I'm a product designer

"Product Design" is a broad term with varying definitions depending on who you ask. But my hard skills lean on the pure user experience and interface design side of things. That includes everything from user testing and data analysis to service design, prototyping, and visual design.


I'm a facilitator

The job of a designer isn't just creating artifacts and deliverables, but bringing others along for the ride. This means helping the team communicate ideas and goals, consistently advocating for users, and sharing knowledge throughout the organization.


I'm a quick learner

I learn new industries and adapt to organizations quickly. I’ve got no problem working with product managers and researchers to understand a problem or shifting gears to work with engineers deep-diving into implementation details and technical constraints.


I'm a mentor

I enjoy onboarding and mentoring team members and continuing to train and share knowledge whenever I can. Building products is a team sport—I'm always willing to chip in to make the team more effective and help others grow in their roles.


I'm not a developer

I am pretty good at front-end development—HTML, CSS, and some light JavaScript, but this is by no means my strong suit. I find that it helps me communicate ideas better and collaborate with developers to push interfaces to the next level. I should not be writing production code.

I get tough jobs done and have fun doing it.

Don't just take my word for it, though. Here's a few quotes from the people I've worked with.

Jim is one of those really hard-to-find designers who can blend a wealth of technical know-how with top-notch design skills. Jim's ability to deal with ambiguity is off the charts. He has the rare ability to extract meaning from fuzzy and disjointed requirements and assimilate it into a meaningful design.

Chuck Mallott, Design Director at SPS Commerce

Jim is an enthusiastic team player that I've been lucky to work with. He always does a great job managing his own work while being willing and enthusiastic to share his skills with others. He has helped me navigate many UX and design challenges all with a smile on his face.

Sara Fioravanti, Senior Designer at ProSight

Let's work together.

Like what you see? Great to hear! Even if I'm not actively looking for a new role at the moment, if you have an exciting problems to solve I'd love to hear from you.

This is what I look for in a role:

  • Remote-friendly: I love to work from home because I used to commute 3-4 hours per day and rarely see my kids. This is non-negotiable.
  • Complex problems: There's nothing I love more than taking an interface from complicated and chaotic to simple and efficient.
  • Workflow products: I'm passionate about making people's jobs easier, more efficient, and hopefully more enjoyable.
  • Individual contributor: I love hands-on work and mentorship, but I'm not looking to solely manage people.

If you've got a role that ticks these boxes, don't hesitate to reach out →