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Analytics Command Center

Standardizing point-of-sale data from thousands of retailers, suppliers and various other entities to load into multiple analytics products is even more complex than it sounds. At SPS Commerce, our internal operators needed an easy to use tool to empower them to quickly see how the data load process was going, if there were any surprises and errors, and if they needed to intervene.

The Project Goals

  1. Increase visibility into background data load processes.
  2. Enable operators to quickly troubleshoot errors and manually load data.
  3. Provide high-level view to quickly give a sense of the overall status.

My Responsibilities

  1. Create a standardized view for incoming data of all types.
  2. Design simplified visualization of the branching load process.
  3. Integrate powerful troubleshooting tools within the proper context.

The Analytics Monitor.

The home page of the Command Center is the Monitor. At a glance, the operator can get a pretty good sense of what is going on with the data load. For each of a supplier's retailers, it's easy to identify the overall status of the data, as well as how far along in the process the data currently is. The operator can then choose to dive deeper to investigate the status of each individual cycle.

A ton of data is packed into each line, but it's designed to feel low-density, with information placed in the proper context to reduce mental load.

Command Center Screenshot

A single screenshot doesn't really do this justice. Check out the full prototype.

The nitty gritty

Data Collection.

Before the data can be loaded, the system must first collect the correct files. I designed the interface to view this collection phase, take action on individual files, and address issues across multiple retailers in a single step.

Command Center Screenshot

The nitty gritty

The results.

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