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OneTravel Home Page

OneTravel is the sister site of CheapOair, but it's not as well-known and doesn't get as much traffic. It is, however, perfect for testing out new ideas. This conceptual redesign aimed to drastically rethink the online travel agency's homepage, improve conversion, and help streamline the search experience.

The Project Goals

  1. Increase the number of searches performed and increase overall conversions.
  2. Optimize the interface for all devices with a logical, responsive layout.
  3. Create a completely new direction to strongly differentiate from CheapOair.

My Responsibilities

  1. Standardize the search widget to provide a consistent experience.
  2. Create a strong emphasis on the search call-to-action to improve search metrics.
  3. Design within the constraints of Bootstrap 3 grids to speed development.

A streamlined search.

Heavily inspired by the minimalism of Kayak, I decided to try a single-line search widget approach to streamline the input process. Since the site's main focus is flights, the widget was reduced to simply flight search, allowing tabs to represent types of flights.

This design incorporated a lot of prior research. The arrow connecting the promotional code to the call-to-action had boosted conversion in previous A/B testing. Here, that connection is emphasized even further. Rarely used inputs were consilidated into a hidden "advanced options" container.

OT Home Screenshot

Iterating on the concept.

From there, the design was refined based on internal feedback – other verticals were added back in, recent searches were more visually prominent, and newsletter sign up was returned to prime real estate.

OT Home Screenshot

The nitty gritty

Teamwork makes the dream work.

At this point, the project was handed off to the team in India, where I worked with the team to tweak and iterate on the design until it became something worth challenging the existing design. This design is currently being A/B tested.

OT Home Screenshot

The results.

I can work with you.

I'm currently looking for a new full-time opportunity. If you like what you see, please don't hesitate to contact me at

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