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CheapOair Flight Listing

When CheapOair redesigned it's homepage, it was a massive success. Visually unlike any of it's competitors, it brought attention to the site and a huge boost to conversion. However it also created a disjointed experience as the rest of the site is still outdated. I aim to fix that.

The Project Goals

  1. Improve conversion rate of flight bookings.
  2. Highlight unique features such as Flexible Date and Nearby Airport fares.
  3. Create visual consistency with the home page and new style guidelines.

My Responsibilities

  1. Simplify design to speed user choice.
  2. Accommodate existing features in a standardized and cleaner display.
  3. Integrate new features and allow for expansion for the future.

From the ground up.

The current flight listing page is in a dismal state and is a bottleneck in the conversion funnel. Woefully outdated, it's become a victim of "dollar store design" over the many years it's spent on the site. As features have been added, it simply has not been able to accommodate them. A full redesign is necessary.

Listing Screenshot

Starting from scratch.

The initial concept was completely unlike the existing page. It leverages existing data and test results such as simpler price display, orange CTAs, and compact fare display, while building forward. It also incorporates many features currently on the development roadmap, such as the Easy Pick matrix and fixed footer.

Listing Screenshot

Iteration, iteration, iteration.

From there, the design was refined to give a wider, more prominent display to the fares. Special messaging, such as flexible dates and urgency were given a standarized and clean display.

Listing Screenshot

The nitty gritty.

The final concept.

The final design solidifies prior ideas of simplification and standardization, with a few additions. It highlights the search refinement options to speed the process. The Fare Alert signup form has been moved in line with the fares for ease of use. And lastly, tabbed recent searches are added to the fixed footer with modify search available as a toggle.

Listing Screenshot

The results.

I can work with you.

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