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Product Design Lead

Bizyhood Business Dashboard

Bizyhood is an engagement platform for hyper-local businesses. The Business Dashboard is where business owners spend their time managing their business details, events, and promotions and interacting with their customers.

The Project Goals

  1. Fix the incredibly high bounce rate after business owners are onboarded.
  2. Create a responsive design that owners can access from any device.
  3. Allow for expansion and new features.

My Responsibilities

  1. Create a guided tour that introduces users to the interface.
  2. Use empty states as calls-to-action to get things moving.
  3. Create a flexible, universal navigation.

The root of the problem.

The old Dashboard Overview was something of a placeholder – a purely text page introducing the dashboard, but giving no direction. Without that, the bounce rate was incredibly high. SessionCam showed users almost immediately closing the window.

This obviously was not acceptable. A new Dashboard Overview was needed to guide users through the application and show them what to do.

The nitty gritty.

The finished product

The final Dashboard Overview incorporates pieces from every corner of the dashboard and gives the user a great overview of what's happening with their page and what needs to be done.

Dashboard Screenshot

It's responsive too

Since a decent amount of our users are coming from mobile, it's very important that all features of the dashboard are accessible and usable on mobile devices.

Dashboard Screenshot


Dashboard Screenshot

Image Gallery

Dashboard Screenshot

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The results

I can work with you.

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